One day some angels were playing on a cloud.  There were big angels and little angels, and one who was
only a baby.  The big angels said, "Now stay right here on this big white cloud.  Those small dark ones have
rain on them, and if you get on them, you'll get your wings wet."

The baby angel thought he'd like to see the rain, so he wandered to the edge of the big white cloud and peeped
over, but he leaned over too far!  He would have fallen, but his wings let him fly quietly to one of the small dark clouds.
He landed on it gently and didn't get his wings wet at all.  So he stayed there and sailed along on the little black cloud.

The cloud flew down low and the baby angel could see the sights on the earth below.  He had a lovely time sailing
along over town and country with the cool, soft cloud to rest on as he flew.  But then the cloud flew lower and
suddenly, the baby angel dropped--
smack--into a tree.  The cloud burst, and rain went everywhere, especially
on the baby angel's wings.  He couldn't fly one bit with heavy, wet wings, and besides, his beautiful blue robe
was caught on a branch.  He started to cry.

Peter and Patty were playing beneath the tree.  When they felt the rain and heard the crying, they looked up, and were
surprised to see an angel caught in their tree.  "We'll get you down," they called.  So they got a ladder, and Patty
held it while Peter went up.  The baby angel put his arms around Peter's neck, and Peter backed down with him.

The baby angel's robe was all torn, and it didn't look nice at all, the way the angel showed through.  Peter had a safety pin
where a button was gone from his shirt, so he pinned up the baby angel's torn robe while Patty said, "Don't cry, Angel Child."

"What shall we do with him?" asked Peter.  And Patty said, "We'll take him to your mother.  She wants a baby.  She said
she might get one in the fall."  But Peter said, "I don't know if she'll like one with wings."  "We'll put one of your
sleepers on him," Patty said, "and that will cover up his wings."  Then Peter said, "But what about baths?"  And
Patty said, "Oh, your mother will like him so much by then that she won't mind, even if she does see the wings."

They put a sleeper on Angel Child, but the wings made a hump.  They put him in the little bed Peter's mother had ready
for the baby she might get in the fall.  But Angel Child didn't like having his wings buttoned in, and he cried and cried.

Peter and Patty put his robe back on him, and went outdoors to play hide-and-seek, but Angel Child didn't know how to
play.  When they couldn't find him, he'd come out to help them look.  So that was no fun.  He couldn't ride in Peter's
fire truck, because his wings were in the way.  He couldn't reach the pedals of Patty's tricycle.

Then they put him in the swing.  They told him to hold on tight and they both pushed.  Angel Child liked that.  He
cooed and gurgled, so they swung him some more, and all the time Angel Child's wings kept getting drier and
drier.  He unfolded them, and as he fluttered them, he swung even higher.  Pretty soon he went so high that he
went right over the top of the swing, but Angel Child didn't fall.  He kept right on flying, because his wings
were all dry.  And the last Peter and Patty saw of him, he was flying straight up.  Peter and Patty felt very
sad because Angel Child was gone.

In the fall, sure enough, Peter's mother did get a baby, just as she had said she might.  When Peter and Patty
saw the little baby, wrapped up in a blue blanket, they both said at once, "It's Angel Child!"

But when they looked at his back, it was just plain, without wings.  But he
IS Angel Child, isn't he?" Patty asked.
Peter's mother said, "Of course he's an angel child."

So they knew he was.