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August 21, 2001, was a sad day in the forest indeed.
A precious little boy, Ryan Christian, lost his long and hard-fought battle 
with a devastating disorder called SCID,  or Severe Combined Immune Disorder.
In spite of all the medical treatments Ryan was subjected to from birth, he
had the happiest smile, and his  little eyes would just sparkle at the sight of
someone he loved.  He asked for nothing more than to play with his
"ba-ka-ball" and to watch "Bear in the Big Blue House."  He loved that big bear!
After fighting his way back from near death several times following two
bone marrow transplants and chemo, Ryan finally succumbed to
complications following a stem cell transplant, which was performed with
the hope of giving him a working immune system, lacking since birth.
Ryan drifted away peacefully, with both of his  
grandmas holding his little hands.
At the end of his memorial service, the "Goodbye" song from his
beloved "Bear in the Big Blue House" show was played.
One of the lines goes: 
"Seems like it's just begun, when suddenly, it's through."
He was 3 years, 9 days old.