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A wee little Witchie, one Halloween night,
Set out to give someone a terrible fright!
She jumped on her broom and she soared through the air,
Just looking around for some kiddies to scare!
She flew through the clouds, and she flew 'round the moon;
She hoped she would find just the right person soon.
It was awfully dark, and the fog was quite thick,
As the wee Witchie sailed on her tiny broomstick.
She flew very fast, as she cackled with glee,
But where she was going, she couldn't quite see--
And all of a sudden she swooshed through the woods,
And crashed into a house in a small neighborhood!
The Witchie looked 'round her, still feeling quite sore,
When suddenly somebody opened the door!
She picked up her broom and stood still as a post--
For looking at her was a wee little Ghost!
Her knees started knocking, her legs felt quite weak,
Her teeth chattered so she could not even speak!
She turned to run off, when much to her surprise,
The Ghost said
"Hi, Witchie, what a super disguise!
Won't you come in and join us?  We'll have lots of fun!
Our big Halloween party has just begun!
Now don't be afraid, I'm not REALLY a ghost--
My name is Bobby, and I am your host!
We're so glad to see you, so happy you're here,
Come on in and join us!  The witching hour's near!"

Witchie gave a big smile, threw her broom on the lawn,
And went into the house where she partied 'til dawn!
She ate lots of food and she drank lots of punch,
And she had lots of fun with this friendly bunch.
And just as the rays of the sun did appear,
The Ghostie said
"Bye now, we'll see you next year!
We're glad we made friends with you, so glad you came--
Our party without you just wouldn't be the same!"

The wee little Witchie just laughed with delight!
It had turned out to be such a wonderful night!
So the next time you set out, some mischief to do,
Remember the wee little Witchie, and you
May discover the people you set out to harm
Are really quite friendly, and kindly, and warm!
And if you hear a bump on your door in the night,
It just might be a wee little Witchie!  Just might!
This is just an old sheet, so please don't you fear--
Come meet all my friends!  They'll be SO glad you're here!
We'll bob for some apples, we'll eat candy corn,
We'll play games and have fun 'til tomorrow morn!
There's dancing, and singing, and contests, and more,
And we'll get to know each other better for sure.
An original story-poem by Grandma Lyn, October, 2001
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